Newburgh SWRI’s March meeting

Newburgh SWRI’s March meeting opened with president Mrs Robertson welcoming members followed by the singing of the rural song.

Business was then conducted, after which Mrs Robertson welcomed the speaker for the evening, Bob Davis.

Mr Davis gave a most interesting talk about his holiday to New Zealand. He spent about a month trekking in the Southern Alps, and had some amazing slides with which he illustrated his talk.

He explained that there isn’t much in the way of native fauna as a lot of the introduced animals destroyed the ground-nesting native birds.

Mr Davis showed photographs of the assorted flora that he saw on his travels. The pictures made New Zealand seem very attractive – despite the time, distance and money it takes to get there – until he mentioned the country’s earthquakes and live volcanos.

He amusingly recalled the incident in the middle of one mountain trek where a man approached him asking if he was Bob Davis – apparently the man was from Turriff!

There was time for a few questions afterwards and all agreed it was a fascinating evening.

Competition winners: 6 Postage Stamps from around the World - 1 Mrs M Singer; 2 Mrs R Moroney; 3 Mrs K Duncan. A Flask of Broccoli and Stilton Soup - 1 Mrs L Paterson; 2 Mrs C Donohue; 3 Mrs M Adams

The next meeting will be the business meeting on April 7 at 7.30pm in Newburgh Public Hall, Details about Newburgh SWRI can be obtained from secretary Mrs Margaret Singer on 01358 789634.