One in three Scots won't be holidaying abroad in 2016

One in three Scots say they won't be holidaying abroad in 2016 - with new data suggesting recent terrorist attacks have caused a shift in holidaying habits.

Monday, 25th January 2016, 4:30 pm

Holiday company Cottages in Northumberland asked 1000 people in Scotland about their travel habits, with almost a third of participants sharing their concerns over recent terror attacks.

In total, more than 37% of those surveyed said that they wouldn’t be holidaying abroad this year.

Of those people, 10.5% claimed that the Paris incident has put them off holidaying abroad in 2016 - and over 21% people said that they would specifically avoid holidaying in France this year.

A number of Scots will deliberatly avoid Paris this year

Following last year’s Paris attacks, the Telegraph answered questions from concerned Scots over their safety when travelling overseas - and new research suggests the UK still has some misgivings when it comes to making the trip abroad.

No place like home

The survey revealed that, while 23.5% of participants took one trip abroad in 2015, 37% of Scots didn’t go on holiday at all.

34% of respondents said they won’t be holidaying abroad this year - with over two thirds of 35-44 year-olds saying they’ll be staying on Scottish soil in 2016.

A number of Scots will deliberatly avoid Paris this year

Holidaying abroad also holds little appeal for men aged 55-64, with 82.7% saying they won’t be leaving the UK in 2016 - compared to just over a quarter of women in the same age group.

Terror threats

Concerns over safety are keeping a number of Scots grounded, with 31.5% of respondents revealing that the Paris attacks have influenced their holiday plans.

Last year’s events in Paris have also affected Scotland’s older generation - with over half of over-65s saying their plans have changed as a result of November’s attacks in the French capital.

There is, however, a gender divide when it comes to concerns over terrorism, with 21% of men saying they’re now reluctant to travel abroad - compared to just 11% of women.

Holiday habits

As part of the study, participants were also asked which types of holiday breaks they went on in 2015 - with 43.7% saying they holidayed with the family, and almost half of 18-24 year-olds admitting they still take trips with mum and dad.

Pre-wedding holidays proved most popular with men - with 21% of male respondents saying they went on a stag party in 2015, versus just 5.7% of women heading for hen parties.

Almost a third of 25-34 year-olds cited a romantic retreat among their holiday adventures last year.

Interestingly, 12.6% of respondents said they travelled abroad on their own in 2015 - while 1% more respondents travelled alone in the UK.

Angela Mazingham, director of operations at Cottages in Northumberland, said: “Staycations are definitely on the up.

“We have seen increased business 24% year on year, and some of our properties are already completely booked up for 2016.

“It’s little surprise, too. We have miles of endless golden beaches, dramatic countryside, superb walking and cycling, historic castles, rare wildlife and excellent local food and drink.”

Topline results:

Will you be holidaying abroad in 2016?

Yes: 62.3%

No: 37.7%

Has the recent Paris terror attack influenced your decision on where to holiday in 2016?

Yes - I now won’t be travelling abroad: 10.5%

Yes - I now won’t be travelling to France: 21.1%

No - it won’t affect my plans at all: 68.4%