Opportunity for locals to hire ‘Hub’

Following the closure of Kintore’s ‘Hub’, Langstane Housing Association’s Initiatives Manager, Matthew Reid has supported early re-opening of the resource in Kintore as a community facility for use by groups or individuals for a range of community events. He emphasised that this would be dependant on it being self-financing.

Interest is currently being sought and assessed as to the possible use of the venue as a meeting place at a cost of approximately £8 per hour by groups and individuals.

Langstane Housing Association have said they may market the resource for commercial use, or possibly convert it to residential accommodation if insufficient interest has been expressed by mid-April.

Anyone interested in using the premises should contact Kintore Konnect on (01467) 625155, or email info@kintoreconnect.org.uk. Interested groups and individuals can also leave details at Kintore Post Office indicating when and how often the facility is likely to be used.