Patients urged to be aware of fraudulent calls

NHS Grampian
NHS Grampian

Inverurie Health Centre is warning its patients to be alert following an increase in fraudulent calls.

The practice has been made aware of some of its patient being contacted by a call centre, making them believe they are being called by the practice in order to sell goods.

Practice manager Eunice Ross said: “We would never ask our patients for their bank or credit card details over the phone. Please never give personal or banking details to anyone.

“If you are visited or called by an individual you don’t know or you aren’t expecting, please do not give any medical or financial information without checking their identity with the surgery, clinic or social work department.”

Fraudulent calls are also being reported in the Banchory area whereby individuals are claiming to be from the local practice/NHS and are entering patients' homes and asking them to complete a medical questionnaire.

It is believed the information is being fed back to an organisation, who then ring the patient and say they are a Doctor from the local surgery. As they have all the information from the questionnaire the patient completed they sound legitimate.
In one case the individual told the patient that he needed to be prescribed another medication and asked for card details which he claimed was for security purposes and no money would be taken, however a sum of £87.50 was taken from the patient's account.