Assurances received over new school

The present Kintore Primary is currently more than 200 pupils over capacity
The present Kintore Primary is currently more than 200 pupils over capacity

East Garioch Green councillor Martin Ford has said that he is pleased with assurances received about the opening of the new Kintore Midmill School.

Cllr Ford wrote to Aberdeenshire Council’s Director of Education & Children’s Services, Maria Walker, on Monday, (June 1), regarding opening arrangements for the proposed second Kintore school, and pressing for the Council’s plans to be shared with parents and other stakeholders.

Mrs Walker has since replied to Cllr Ford noting that the Compulsory Purchase Order has been issued and it is hoped that work will start later this year, hoping construction will finish in December 2016, but dependent on the severity of weather this winter.

A new Head Teacher is due to be appointed soon.

Commenting on Mrs Walker’s letter, Cllr Ford said, “The delay to starting construction of the new school is massively disappointing. But, very unfortunately, we have to accept that the planned August 2016 opening date for the new school is now going to be missed. So the Council needs a ‘plan B’ for bringing the new school building into use.

“Clearly, every effort is being made to try to shorten the time needed for construction, so the new school can open as soon as possible in the circumstances we now face.

“The proposal outlined in Mrs Walker’s letter is, essentially, to start the new school in August 2016 anyway, albeit not, at first, in the new school building. The Midmill School pupils and teachers will then move to the new building once it is ready.”

The existing Primary School in Kintore, which opened in 2006, is struggling to cope with the increased population in the town and is around 200 pupils over capacity.