Bill’s new book on history of Pitmedden

Local Udny resident and retired postmaster, Bill Johnston, has recently published his new book on the history of the Pitmedden.

Sunday, 11th October 2015, 9:00 am
Bill Johnston has recently published his new book, Pitmedden

The book is entitled “Pitmedden - Some Historical Notes Impressions and Memories of a village” and it is the fourth book Bill has written and published.

The book focuses on many differing aspects of the village including the origins of the name Pitmedden, the history of the church and the Prisoner of War Camp which was previously located within the village.

The book also features many historical photographs throughout.

Bill said: “I’ve been working on this book for three or four years.

“I like just finding things and we are blessed with so much interesting facts and we think in this modern day we are the bee’s knees and we think we can do everything and anything.

“But it has all been done before.”

Bill has lived in Udny all his life and has been a regular contributor to the Ellon Times since its first publication.

He hopes to explore Udny’s history in a future book.

Bill added: “It might be a bit more difficult to research as Udny is much older Pitmedden and so you have to look back quite far.

“If only stones and walls could speak.”

Bill’s new book, Pitmedden, is currently available in the Coffee Apothecary in Udny, Ellon’s Better Read Books and Gifts and the Parkhill Garden Centre.

The book costs £8.50 and can also be bought from Bill by contacting him on 01651 843292 or emailing [email protected]

He said:“Anyone interested in where they live will find out little snippets as they read.”