Bradley aims to get footie boots on again

Bradley's team mates put a smile on his face when they visited him in hospital.
Bradley's team mates put a smile on his face when they visited him in hospital.

Being unable to do something that you love would be a huge struggle for most people.

But 14 year-old Bradley Wilson of Inverurie has faced just that struggle over the last eight months.

Bradley, who is signed with Lewis United Youth 2002s, required surgery on his hip after experiencing pain for months.

However his coaches and teammates were determined to give Bradley a lift, visiting him in hospital after his operation.

Steven Gerrard, one of the coaches at Lewis United, said: “Bradley’s a great lad and loves his football. We just thought it would be great to put a smile on his face by having the boys come in and visit him.”

As they entertained him, his Mum, Ashley, shared the difficulties of Bradley’s injury and the family’s hopes for the future.

Ashley said: “We were first aware of an injury about 18 months ago - that’s when it was visually impacting him.

“The coaches made reference to him struggling on the football field, and then that’s when we started to treat it as an injury.”

Initially, Bradley indicated that he was experiencing pain in his knee and the family treated it as a regular footballing injury. However a year of hospital visits ensued for numerous tests and X-rays which eventually indicated severe wear-and-tear in his hip.

At the time of diagnosis, Bradley was told he may not play football again which Ashley said ‘devastated him’.

The surgery involved pins and a harness being put in place to prevent the bones in the hip from grinding. These will remain in place for three months and Bradley will also have to go through physiotherapy to aid with his recovery.

However he and his family are hopeful that he will be able to return to football.

“Bradley has coped immensely well and has been absolute hero,” Ashley said.

“He recovery will be dependent on Bradley’s determination to get back in a pair of football boots so I imagine it’ll be pretty quick!”