Community buildings call

Rev William Butchart of Ellon Baptist Church.
Rev William Butchart of Ellon Baptist Church.

An Ellon minister is calling for more local buildings to be made available for community use.

The Reverend William Butchart, of Ellon Baptist Church, says town centre premises are full and not everyone will be accommodated at the new community campus at Cromleybank.

I don’t think any community can have too many community buildings

Rev William Butchart Ellon Baptist Church

Mr Butchart admits his church’s efforts to find a permanent home have been frustrated. Baptist services are currently held each Sunday in the community centre.

Mr Butchart, 32, who moved from Fife with his family to take up the Ellon post a year ago, explained that they were looking for land or a building to convert to a church.

He said: “We are working hard to get money together to do either of those when they become available but, up to this point, there has been no progress.

“We are very keen on getting some land, ideally near the centre of Ellon.”

Mr Butchart feels the town needs more community buildings.

He said: “The heart of town maybe has a few, but with the Ythan Centre closing especially that creates a gap.

“I don’t think any community can have too many community buildings if they are all being used, and they all are.

“It shows there is a desire for such buildings and we would be happy to support the community where appropriate and where we can.”

The Ythan Centre will no longer be utilsed by Community Learning and Development (CLD) staff or the groups that currently use it as they are all moving to the new campus or, in a few cases, other locations in the town centre.

A council spokesman said: “This was the agreement reached when the new school campus was proposed and agreed some years ago.

“As with all council assets, the building will be considered for re-use by other council services, and then partners, and then if there is no appropriate use, be considered for disposal.

“While we recognise there has been interest in the town about its future nothing has been agreed as yet.”

Meanwhile, Ellon Baptist Church is gearing up to host its annual Holiday Club. It will be held in the Old Academy annexe in the first week in August.

The theme for the club, which will run from August 3-7 for primary aged children, will be Polar Explorers. There are still places available.