Federica graduates to a permanent marketing role

RGU graduate Fedrica Monacelli
RGU graduate Fedrica Monacelli

A Newmachar student ended five years at Robert Gordon University when she recently graduated with an MSc in International Marketing Management with Distinction.

Federica Monacelli, 24, realised she had a genuine interest in PR, marketing and branding during her BA (Hons) in Fashion Management, which she also studied and graduated from at RGU.

She wanted to experience the business-to-business corporate communications arena so decided to do a postgrad in International Marketing Management.

Federica, who was born in Italy, said: “I thoroughly enjoyed the Fashion Management course and of course, the trips to fashion shows in Birmingham and London but also the work experiences I was able to secure at leading retailer John Lewis and Italian fashion house Harmont and Blaine.

“Although my degree was fashion-related, I had a desire to also experience the business-to-business corporate communications arena.

“At that point, I started to apply for numerous internships in services and energy firms in Aberdeen.

“Just when I thought no one was going to get back to me leading global professional services organisation activpayroll took me on for a summer work placement in their global PR and Marketing team.”

Federica has now been offered a permanent role and has just returned from a London business trip which saw her team win an award at the Payroll World Awards.