Fintray 16th Sheltie Stakes

The crowds revelled in sunshine at the 16th annual Sheltie Stakes last weekend, and the day proved to be a huge success.

Friday, 7th September 2012, 5:00 am

Committee member, Alison Watson said: “We were so lucky to have had a perfect day of glorious sunshine. As always the community turned out in force to help provide a wonderful family event. Huge thanks go to our sponsors who give so generously year after year to get the event up and running.”

Before the racing began, there was a carriage racing competition. Many of the riders and drivers are local, but this popular event also attracts riders, drivers and ponies from Shetland.

The first ridden race of the day was the Nursery Stakes, with mostly very young riders, new to the game.

Afterwards there was some seriously fast racing with seasoned jockeys, who race all over the country to try to qualify for the prestigious Christmas event at London’s Olympia.

In addition to the races there were a fantastic array of stalls around the arena to entertain the crowds who literally flocked in to enjoy the fun.

There was Hook a Duck, Knock the Can and Splat The Rat for the young ones and the coconut shy provided quite a challenge too. For those with a head for heights there was the Lochter climbing wall and the younger ones played on the bouncy castle. For aspiring young jockeys, there was a chance to try their hand at the pony rides.

Alison said: “There are so many people to thank who have made the day so special. The committee would like to say a huge thank you to Ilene Fyfe – our chairperson who every year puts in a enormous effort to make the event such a success. She has a wonderful ability to galvanise the community and put on such a fun day.”