Follow Scotland’s ‘Foodie Trails’

VisitScotland have released "A Taste of Scotland's Foodie Trails"
VisitScotland have released "A Taste of Scotland's Foodie Trails"

With figures revealing that almost half of people visiting Scotland want to try local food, a new ebook by VisitScotland is hoping to encourage visitors to undertake a culinary tour of the country.

The book became available from Tuesday (February 6) on, ‘A Taste of Scotland’s Foodie Trails’ combines details of Scotland’s food trails with information about relevant local businesses and interesting facts about each product.

The 10 Scottish food and drink trails within the book include:

Malt Whisky Trail: Passing through one of the country’s best-known whisky regions, Speyside in the Highlands, the trail is the only one of its kind in the world.

Seafood Trail: Traveling through the west coast of Scotland, this trail discovers the treasures of the Atlantic Ocean and Argyll’s sea lochs to highlight the country’s renowned seafood.

Arbroath Smokie Trail: Celebrating one of Angus’ most famous exports, so famous in fact, that it was granted protected geographical status under European Law in 2004.

Scotland’s Chocolate Trail: Scotland is home to more than 70 small-scale, artisan and specialist chocolate makers each using high quality cocoa and inventive Scottish flavour combinations.

Scottish Cheese Trail: From mature cheddars and creamy wheels to tangy blues and deliciously smoked wedges, this tour of the country’s artisan cheesemakers offer a huge variety of textures and flavours.

Real Ale Trail: Traveling to a number of the independent breweries across the country, this trail celebrates Scotland’s proud and long history of brewing beer.

Whisky Coast: Travelling across the western coast of Scotland, this trail uncovers the secrets behind the art of whisky creation and raises a glass to the national drink.

Outer Hebrides Food and Drink Trail: Sampling the beauty of the Outer Hebrides whilst sampling the best of the Islands culinary delights, this trail covers the Isle of Lewis in the north right down to the Isle of Barra in the south.

Aberdeen City and Shire Food and Drink Trail: With miles of fertile farmland, crystal clear rivers and sparking coastline, the region is home to the fresh fish and the world-famous Aberdeen Angus beef.

Scottish Lowlands Food and Drink Trail: Delve into the landscape of the Scottish Lowlands and discover a wealth of delicious home-grown produce on this mouth-watering trail.

As well as highlighting places to experience great Scottish food, the ebook also offers visitors a taste of what else there is to do in the area from events to attractions.

The guide is part of the national tourism organisation’s activity to promote the Year of Food and Drink 2015 and celebrate Scotland’s natural larder.