Garioch District Heat – introducing renewable, affordable heating to Inverurie

As the energy crisis worsens, the need for a cost-effective, green solution is high.

By Dawn Renton
Wednesday, 4th May 2022, 6:03 am
Updated Wednesday, 4th May 2022, 6:03 am
At the launch, guests will be provided information on GDH’s plans to sustainably deliver low-carbon heat from a local source.

Plans are in place to use gifted, residual commercial heat to provide hot water and heating to local homes and businesses in the Garioch area.

Starting with the towns of Inverurie, Port Elphinstone and Kintore, the plan is to build a modern district heating scheme that delivers hot water to homes and businesses via an underground network of pipes.

Join Garioch District Heat (GDH) at their launch event at Inverurie Town Hall this Saturday, May 7 at 1.30pm.

Visit to book your place through Eventbrite.

GDH is a not-for-profit organisation for community benefit, seeking to inform residents and businesses of their local solution to the energy crisis.

At the launch, guests will be provided information on GDH’s plans to sustainably deliver low-carbon heat from a local source.

Doing so can cause less emissions, improve air quality and, most importantly, mean heat is provided at affordable rates for the Garioch.

District heating is a top priority for the Scottish Government and is a tried and tested way of delivering clean, safe and affordable heat.

District Heating has been common around Northern Europe for decades: around 14,000 are in operation around the UK, with more than 30,000 homes in Scotland connected to heat networks.

Locally, there are five in Aberdeen and one in Methlick with reports indicating significant financial benefits within the community as a result of the networks.

The proposed network for Garioch would take residual waste heat from non-recyclable waste already created within the community, to provide clean, safe, affordable low-carbon heat to the community.

District Heating aims to save individuals money whilst reducing their carbon footprint, with this project seeking to act as a catalyst for further community solutions to address other issues such as fuel poverty and energy efficiency in homes.

Decarbonising heat in this way has the added benefit of creating local employment in construction, operation, administration and maintenance of the network and ancillary projects.

Further investigation will also take place into the concept of heat batteries which can provide a creative solution to providing heat to off-gas grid communities and even single homes in rural areas.

At a time where 80 per cent of energy bills are for heating and hot water, GDH are seeking extensive community engagement and feedback on their plans to retain the near £20 million per annum which is lost from the local community.

Attendance at the launch on Saturday afternoon at Inverurie Town Hall provides a fantastic platform where questions will be encouraged, asked and answered by the team.

For more details, please visit or via @gariochheat on Facebook and