Garioch SC launches new children’s activities programme

The Garioch Sports Centre in Inverurie
The Garioch Sports Centre in Inverurie

Garioch Sports Centre (GSC) this week announced that it is launching GSCkids, a new programme of children’s activities, in a bid to make children’s activities more accessible in the local area.

Launching on Wednesday, August 21, children will still be able to enjoy their favourites, including additional football classes, and some new additions including Junior Boxercise.

GSC will also be offering preschool gymnastics classes in partnership with Donside Gymnastics for the very first time.

Sandra Simpson of Donside Gymnastics commented: “We’re delighted to be launching five brand new preschool gymnastics classes at Garioch Sports Centre.

“Classes are suitable from 3.5-5 years old and are the 
perfect pathway into our school-age gymnastics programme.”

Garioch Sports Centre’s Kevin Bonarius, chief operating officer, added: ‘The aim of GSCkids is to provide a safe and inclusive environment for local children and their families and carers to enjoy active lifestyles while having fun.

“Our doors are open to children of all ages and abilities. We invite them to come along, participate in sports, build their confidence and make friends.

“We’ve designed GSCkids with busy families and accessibility in mind. We recognise that lots of parents and carers will be dropping off and picking up from school so we’ve avoided putting on classes at these times.

“We want to give families the best possible chance to participate. With this in mind, we’ve also dropped the prices of lots of the classes we offer.

“Lots of our preschool classes provide the ideal pathway into the next level of the chosen sport, should the children be keen.

“There are routes for progression and competition but our main focus is always on having fun.

“We’ve kept the favourites from the current timetable and added some new classes, including Junior Boxercise and Junior Gazelles, a junior running club that runs concurrently with our adults running club, Garioch Gazelles.

“We’ve done this so that parents and carers can drop off their children at Junior Gazelles, then go and join the adults’ group at the same time. We’ve also launched FamilyFIIT – a fun fitness class suitable for kids from age eight – to encourage families to enjoy active lifestyles together.

“Initially, we’re adding three FamilyFIIT classes including one on a Saturday morning, but we will certainly look to add more if they prove popular.

“Check out our website ( or app for timetables and class information.”