Illuminating time for iconic Ellon landmark

Members of the Ellon community attended the the Auld Brig lighting-up ceremony.
Members of the Ellon community attended the the Auld Brig lighting-up ceremony.

An Ellon landmark is to be lit up permanently following a long-running project.

The historic Auld Brig was illuminated on Friday night at a ceremony attended by members of the local community.

It marked the culmination of several years’ work between Ellon Community Council and Aberdeenshire Council.

The idea to light up the grade A-listed bridge was put forward by community councillors and the local authority worked with them to come up with a low cost design, including running costs, which would meet local aspirations.

Funding for the purchase and installation of the lighting has been provided by the council, with a small annual sum in respect of running costs, including electricity, being met by the community council.

The project was seen as important to encourage people to visit the town centre and to highlight a piece of Ellon heritage.

The structure will be lit up by spotlights each night when the street lights come on.

Community council chairman Sandy McDougall said: “Ellon Community Council are very pleased to see the project to light up the Auld Brig come to fruition.

“Working with local councillors and Aberdeenshire Council over the last three years the various partners overcame many hurdles to achieve the lighting of Ellon’s historic bridge.

“We hope that this initiative will encourage other community councils to consider lighting up their historic buildings.”

Initially lit by white light, the community council are acquiring coloured filters which will enable the bridge to be illuminated in different ways over the course of a year.

The project has been widely welcomed in the Ellon community.

Local councillor Isobel Davidson said: “I am very happy to support Ellon Community Council with their project to light up the A-listed Ellon old bridge.

“This has been ongoing for sometime and I am delighted that it is now complete.”

Meanwhile, a two-week community council exhibition about the Auld Brig is running at Ellon Library.

Colourful drawings from P6 pupils at Auchterellon and P5 at Ellon Primary have been on display.

The project is aimed at giving the children an awareness of the history and importance of the bridge.

The exhibition, which will run until next Tuesday (February 24), has been attracting interest from
library users.