Inverurie mum celebrates Scottish Slimmers success

Scottish Slimmer Kirsty Thomasson
Scottish Slimmer Kirsty Thomasson

A mum-of-three from Inverurie has been named a Scottish Slimmers star after losing nearly four stone.

Kirsty Thomasson admitted she had been dieting on and off for years as she explained: “Every time I seemed to get to my ideal weight I fell pregnant again.

“In fact I’ve had a constant battle with my weight for the last four years.

“After I had my first son Cameron, who is now 3, I joined Scottish Slimmers and started to lose.

“Then I fell pregnant again with my second son Arron. After he was born I was ok but once I had Lewis, who is now 1, I just couldn’t bear to look at myself in the mirror.”

Six weeks after Lewis was born Kirsty re-joined Scottish Slimmers and stepped on the scales and within a month she was nearly a stone lighter and well on her way.

Now nearly four stone lighter it is hard to imagine this is the young mum who was in tears last summer.

Kirsty is delighted to slip into size 6 and 8 clothes now.

“My best slim moment so far is definitely hearing the target bell ring again,” said Kirsty.

“And because I’m happy my whole family are happy.”