It’s Christmas party time for Ellon’s pooches

Victoria Hall, Ellon
Victoria Hall, Ellon

Every dog has its day, or so they say.

And next week in Ellon it will be Christmas party time for the local pooches.

Dog trainer Myra Stewart will be holding her festive canine frolics in the Victoria Hall on Wednesday from 7.30-9pm.

Myra, 67, has been running her popular training class in the town for nearly 25 years and always puts on a special Christmas extravaganza for the dogs and their owners.

She said: “I’m really looking forward to the Christmas party.

“It’s a fun night and owners can either dress up their dogs or’s entirely up to them.

“There will be prizes for the best dressed.”

Myra added: “They don’t have to be regulars at the class, they can just come along on the night.

“It’s sure to be great entertainment.”

Myra, who lives in Balmedie, started up her long-running class - Dog Care and Obedience -after needing help training her own dog.

She said: “I have all types of dogs in the class and usually there are about 20 there during the evening.

“It is not run regimentally as I am a great believer in having a relaxed atmosphere.”

The weekly session is held in the Victoria Hall and runs from 7-9pm.

Myra charges £5 for the night and charities benefit from proceeds.

More recently, the Willows Animal Sanctuary in Aberdeenshire has received a donation from Myra and Mrs Murray’s Cat and Dog Home in Aberdeen is next in line.

So, if you’re a dog owner and fancy a bit of festive fun with your pet, then head along to the Victoria Hall on Wednesday night.