MBE surprise for Cruden Bay woman

A Cruden Bay woman has been recognised in the New Year Honours List with an MBE.

Jane Lee, manager of the Consolidated European Reporting System at the Maritime and Coastguard Agency in Aberdeen, received the honour for her services to ship safety.

A delighted Jane said: “I am just amazed, it is wonderful and it was such a big surprise.

“I got a letter five weeks before hand from the Cabinet Office and I had to read it twice before it really sunk in.

“I had no idea why the Cabinet Office was sending something to me but I am very grateful that the board put in a submission for me.”

Jane originally started working in Peterhead as an auxiliary coast guard volunteer before working her way up the ranks and landing her current job in Aberdeen in 2007.

She will be presented with her MBE at Buckingham Palace later in the year.