Miracle baby for Inverurie couple

Inverurie’s latest miracle is doing well after Mum Denise Middler and Dad Darren Farquharson faced the ordeal of his extraordinary entry into the world.

Friday, 14th September 2012, 1:32 pm

Denise (36) told the Herald about the events that took place the night baby Owen was born. She said: “We phoned the hospital because my waters had broken but they said we would have plenty of time as it was my first baby. My dad was the designated driver and by the time we got to Auchmill Road, I could feel the baby coming.”

“Dad stopped the car and Darren phoned for an ambulance, My dad flagged down a police car that happened to be passing and the Police Officers took over from my mum who was assisting me.

Denise’s waters broke at 11.30 on August 20. Continuing she said: “Owen was born in the back of the car but he was a breach and the umbilical cord was also wrapped around his neck. If the emergency services hadn’t responded so quickly it would have been a completely different story.”

Two police officers, Geoff Catto and Nickki Fowler, who happened to be on patrol at about 12.30 that night, were able to keep Denise and Darren calm until the ambulance arrived.

Denise explained: “When the paramedics arrived knew what to do. The baby’s head still had to come out, and as soon as he was born - it was 12.50am, they whisked him off in an ambulance and another one was on the way to take Darren and myself to the hospital.

“We didn’t know what was happening but while we were waiting for the ambulance the policewoman radioed through to let us know there was a heartbeat and Owen was breathing. We got to see him in Neonatal at about five in the morning ”

The couple expressed their gratitude to all who had helped to bring him into the world: “Owen was our third and final attempt at IVF so we are very grateful to the fertility clinic for the work they do and to the emergency services as well.

“Owen is certainly our little miracle. We’ve been trying for about four years.”

Darren added: “After everything that happened that night - it was so surreal, but now it’s just brilliant.”