Mum and daughter’s successful business

Kintore resident, Beverley Sarstedt, has now been successfully working as a nutritional therapist alongside her eldest daughter for one year.

Saturday, 7th November 2015, 8:33 am
Mum and daughter team Beverley Sarstedt and Harriette Robinson who run Nourishing Insights in Inverurie

Beverley, 52, and Harriette Robinson, 26, set up Inverurie-based Nourishing Insights just over a year ago.

Before starting up her own company Beverley had previously spent several years working in the pharmaceutical industry and then as a drama and dance teacher.

However her younger daughter, Belinda, suffered from an ongoing illness when she was 14 and there were no medical solutions to help her.

This encouraged Beverley to begin searching for other causes and solutions for Belinda’s illness.

Beverley said: “Everything just didn’t work and as a mum you start doing your own research.

“So we identified the cause and when we took the foods out there was an immediate result.

“We got our daughter back.”

Managing to identify the foods that were causing problems for Belinda inspired Beverley to undertake a challenging three year course on nutritional therapy in order to help others.

“It seemed so far out of reach and I think Belinda’s success has always been driving me through what is a very hard journey,” said Beverley.

Before setting up Nourishing Insights with her mum, Harriette worked hard to earn a degree in agriculture and she has since become a Swedish massage therapist.

Harriette also trained with the IRIS Cancer Partnership and now specialises in massage for people living with cancer as well as Baby Massage.

Beverley has also undertaken a further qualification in nutrition for those living with cancer.

Beverley said: “For me it is a dream job.

“It is a life passion and I have always been interested in food and understanding the link between food and health.

“As a mum and a daughter we both had skills which completed each other.”

Beverley and Harriette offer a range of courses and workshops on nutritional therapy.

Their next course will be in St Mary’s Centre on Tuesday, November 10, at 7.30pm and will focus on indulging your immune system.

Beverley can also arrange consultations at Inverurie’s Chelsea House Clinic.

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