NHS Grampian give update on Health Centre

At the latest meeting of Inverurie Community Council on Monday (June 15), NHS Grampian gave members an update on progress of the replacement health centre.

They confirmed that in spite of a slight delay, good progress was being made. They ran a computer 3D image fly through which shows how the new two-storey building will look like.

NHS expects the business case milestones will be met during 2015, which will allow construction to commence in the summer of 2016.

NHS confirmed that a public event is to be held on the Tuesday, June30. This will also give the public an opportunity to further discuss or comment on the project.

The NHS representatives are to return to the Community Council with a final update on progress at the end of 2015. This should be a confirmation of a construction start date.

Inverurie Business Association has written to the Community Council and the Area Office to ask them to join them in a review of the state of the town centre. Community Councillors agreed that the town centre was looking tired and needed to be tidied up. A joint walk around the town centre with the IBA, ICC, Area Office staff and elected Ward Councillors is planned. The hope is that Inverurie Town Centre image can be improved and help in attracting visitors.

The Area Office is currently facilitating the vision of twinning Inverurie with a European town of similar size and make up. Groups in Inverurie have been asked to consider what they can bring and get from Twinning.