Police target anti-social driving

Inverurie town centre.
Inverurie town centre.

Police in Inverurie will be carrying out an operation this weekend to tackle anti-social driving in the Garioch area.

Following concerns from local residents, officers will carry out high visibility patrols on Friday and Saturday in and around the town as well as nearby communities such as Kintore.

PC Lauren Tate, of the Garioch Community Policing Team, said: “This issue has been raised by members of the community who are concerned about drivers congregating in car parks late at night causing alarm to local residents and driving in an anti-social manner.

“We will be looking to educate drivers about how their behaviour impacts on residents and where appropriate we will enforce the law.

“Antisocial driving involves speeding, inconsiderate driving, including accelerating harshly, revving engines, driving a ‘circuit’, and making vehicle modifications that result in excessive noise.

“Another issue is when drivers park inconsiderately, often outwith the designated spaces.

“The effect of a line of vehicles blocking off parts of a community car park can be intimidating to the public.