Road policing operation stops 90 vehicles on A96

Police Scotland
Police Scotland

Road Policing officers carried out an operation along the entire A96 on Wednesday, May 22 as part of ongoing efforts to keep roads safe.

Numerous check-points were set up between Inverness and Aberdeen by officers from both North East & Highland and Islands Divisions to address inappropriate driving behaviour, enforcing legislation and as well as educating motorists.

Around 90 vehicles were stopped in total, with one person charged in connection with dangerous driving and two for careless driving.

In addition eight motorists were charged in connection with speeding offences, one for using a mobile phone, two for failing to wear a seatbelt, six for using a vehicle in a dangerous condition, six for having no valid MOT, one for having no valid insurance, and one for operating an overloaded vehicle.

Meanwhile, 24 people were warned in connection with a variety of road traffic offences.

During the operation, officers were also called to attend three road traffic collisions.

North East Road Policing Inspector Neil Morrison said: "Police Scotland is committed to keeping people safe on our roads and ensuring motorists ensure their own safety as well as other road users. In addition to maintaining a daily presence on routes across the north of Scotland, Road Policing officers routinely carry out high-visible operations like this to send out a clear message that robust action will be taken if you don’t use our roads safely.

“Thanks to Wednesday's action we were able to identify and detect a number of people committing offences and deal with them accordingly. Short-term, those offenders were charged or warned, however long-term I hope it sends out a lasting warning that dangerous or inappropriate driving behaviour will not be tolerated on our roads.

"Officers will continue to provide a visible presence on routes like the A96, providing assistance to motorists when required and taking enforcement action when necessary. High-visible operations like this will also be repeated in the future to help keep people safe.”