Safety concern over pavement lighting in Ellon’s Castle Road

The lights have been positioned in the centre of the newly-widened pavement.
The lights have been positioned in the centre of the newly-widened pavement.

An Ellon councillor has voiced concern regarding street lights which have been left in the middle of a newly-widened pavement in the town’s Castle Road.

The lamp-posts are in the centre of the footpath, leaving local people baffled.

Speaking to the Times, Councillor Isobel Davidson claimed they were a hazard, particularly for wheelchair users and those with sight issues.

Fears have also been expressed that the lights could pose a road safety risk for pupils as they make their way to the new Ellon Academy campus, which will open in August.

But council officials maintain that due to water and gas mains underneath the pavement, the lighting columns will have to remain where they are positioned.

And they say that they believe there will still be enough room for pedestrians and other users.

Councillor Davidson said: “Officers have left the lighting columns in the centre of the path,

“They say this is because gas and water services prevented them going at the rear of the path.

“This is not a good solution because people in wheelchairs and those with sight issues may have problems negotiating these lights which obstruct the path.

“Other users may not expect lighting columns to be in the centre of the path and therefore they are a hazard for all users.”

Parents of school pupils are also concerned about the position of the lights.

They say the width restrictions on the pathway could result in a safety hazard with youngsters forced to walk closer to the busy road.

Responding to the concerns, the council’s head of roads and landscape services, Philip McKay, said: “Unfortunately, due to site restrictions involving underground utilities that are outwith our control, the lighting columns will be left in the current position.

“Water and gas mains underneath the pavement mean there would be insufficient space between them and the rear kerb line.

“The lighting columns are therefore located in the new three-metre foot/cycleway giving approximately a 1.8 metre clearance to the front, and 1 metre to the rear.

“There will still be enough room on the path for cyclists, pedestrians and wheelchair users,” he added.

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