Speed limit backed outside school

Kintore Primary School
Kintore Primary School

Local councillors have supported a motion calling for a part-time 20mph limit to be made permanent outside Kintore School.

Members of the Garioch Area Committee made the decision after its chair Fergus Hood warned the matter “could not wait until a child has been run down” before action was taken.

Cllr Hood – along with fellow members Glen Reid and Martin Ford – jointly raised a Members Promoted Issue after local residents raised serious concerns over “significant speeding” outside the school.

By introducing a permanent 20mph zone – which is against current council policy – it would create the mechanism to have additional traffic-calming measures such as a single speed hump to be installed directly outside the school.

Despite admitting that recent recorded speeds during the part-time 20mph were above the threshold for interventions, roads officials said a full-time 20mph limit did not meet council criteria.

Instead they wanted to see a high-profile enforcement campaign by Police Scotland and greater engagement with the school parent council, parents and local community groups on driving behaviour.

A report stated: “There is existing traffic calming in the area that is appropriate for the type of road and includes traffic islands, build-outs, flashing speed limit signage, zebra crossing and a part-time 20mph limit.”

Cllr Reid told the committee that there was clear evidence of “horrendous speeding” on the 300m stretch of road.

Cllr Martin Ford felt the local authority appeared to be “too tolerant” of speeding, insisting that it needed to be more pro-active to get speeds down generally.

The motion will be raised at the council’s Infrastructure Service Committee.