The chimes they are a changin’ for Ellon

Ellon's Victoria Hall clock
Ellon's Victoria Hall clock

Ellon folk could be forgiven for thinking something is missing in the town.

They would be right, for the Victoria Hall clock chimes have stopped.

It was found that the chiming mechanicsm was faulty and it was switched off last week to allow repairs to be carried out.

Technicians discovered the parts that operate the bell wire have become worn and need replacing.

Hall committee secretary Keith Hart told the Times: “We first heard via one of the management committee that the clock was chiming scores of times on the hour due to the mechanism in the actuator sticking.

“This has not happened before to my knowledge - at least since 2000. Without the chimes you feel that something is missing.”

The clock was installed in 1903 within the extended tower (The Brown Tower) after the completion of the Victoria Hall in 1901.

It has three faces and was made in Birmingham, as was revealed from recently uncovered records.

They contain detailed accounts of the design and purchase of the original clock and the mechanical winding mechanism together with the weights.

Keith said: “The return of the hourly chimes will be welcomed by many when the job has been done.”