Thousands flock to Run Garioch

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Young runners dominated the podium in the Ferguson Group 5k. Jordan Chapman (15.48) took the men’s trophy home for a second year in a row, while Robert Gordon’s College student Morna Holmes (20.40) celebrated her first-ever Run Garioch win.

Club runners Kyle Greig (1.10.37) and Marie Baxter (1.26.03) both put in exceptional performances in the Accord Energy Half-Marathon to smash their respective course records by several minutes each. As part of this year’s celebration of the 10th anniversary of ‘the Garioch 10k’, both runners were awarded £350, or double the posted prize money, for their record-breaking efforts.

Speaking after the event Race Director Eric Simpson said: “As promised, this year’s Run Garioch was bigger and better than ever. Many runners have told me how much they appreciated our investment in the races, including the new course markers and the extra loos. We’ll be taking all the feedback we received on this year’s event into account when we start planning Run Garioch 2016 this summer.

“I’d like to congratulate all our winners on their fantastic achievements as well as thank our sponsors and patrons for their support. To have both ½ -marathon records smashed and the first-ever winner of the 10k return to Inverurie to win again has been simply amazing.

“It also gave me great pleasure to award local runner Neil Skene a bottle of whisky in recognition of being the only person to have run all 10 ‘Garioch 10k’s.

He added: “This event can only happen with the help of over 100 volunteers, so I’d also like to thank everyone who gave up their free time before, after and during the event to help make Sunday such a success. We’ll see everyone again in 2016!”