Village speed limit in focus

Councillor Martin Ford
Councillor Martin Ford

East Garioch Green Councillor Martin Ford has welcomed a consultation on a 40 mph limit through the village of Whiterashes.

The current speed limit of 50 mph has been a long-standing concern, particularly for local residents.

Interactive ‘Your speed’ signs were installed by Aberdeenshire Council at Whiterashes last year following complaints from villagers about speeding, and representations from Councillor Ford.

The agreement to consult on a lower limit came at last week’s meeting of the Garioch Area Committee when members discussed the route improvement strategy for the A947 Aberdeen–Banff road.

Councillor Ford said: “Major efforts have been made over recent years to try to improve safety on the A947, but some drivers still exceed speed limits.

“There has been a long-standing desire for a lower speed limit through Whiterashes which I share.

“I am very pleased the Garioch Area Committee has agreed to my request that the council consult on a lower limit for the settlement.”

The council will need to consult with Police Scotland. There will then have to be a statutory consultation and a public consultation before a 40 mph limit could be introduced.

The consultation process could take up to six months.