Your views could shape the future of policing in Scotland

The review aims to ensure the police service continues to grow and develop.
The review aims to ensure the police service continues to grow and develop.

Views are being sought from the public on new national priorities for policing across Scotland.

The priorities set the long-term overarching framework for Police Scotland and the Scottish Police Authority.

They are being updated to reflect significant developments and progress in operational delivery, emerging threats and the changing needs of communities.

The priorities also focus on anticipated future demands of the service.

The consultation includes the following six new Strategic Police Priorities:

• Crime and security – respond to current and emerging threats, maintain public order and prioritise prevention, investigation, equality and human rights;

• Confidence – continue to inspire public trust by being ethical, open and transparent;

• Partnerships – work with partners to maintain safe communities and support improved outcomes, increase resilience and address vulnerability;

• Sustainability – plan for current and future social and economic circumstances and consider the environmental impact of policing and its operations;

• People – value and empower a diverse workforce to lead and deliver high quality services;

• Evidence – use evidence to develop services and ensure that the right capacity and skills are in place to deliver high performing and innovative services.

Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf said: “We are well served by the police, who have contributed to falls in crime and violent crime.

“We want to ensure that the strategic direction we set for the police service reflects the issues which are important to people and our communities.

“This review of the the Strategic Police Priorities will ensure Scotland’s police service continues to grow and develop, and I encourage everyone to have their say by taking part in the consultation.”

Police Scotland Chief Constable Iain Livingstone added: “We have the opportunity now to lead on adopting new technology and to work collaboratively to enable our people to meet a wide range of challenges, from sustainability to emerging crime threats, and improve outcomes for Scotland.

“This is an important opportunity to ensure policing priorities continue to represent the communities we serve.”

You can take part in the consultation online at Review of Strategic Police Priorities

The closing date for responses is October 4.