PEP Ltd 200 Club

The Pitcaple Environmental Project (PEP) Ltd has launched a monthly lottery. Known as the 200 Club, the lottery will include prizes of £50, £100 and £250. There will also be a grand prize of £1,000 each December.

For just £5 every month, or a one-off £60 payment per year, participants will be entered into the monthly draw for a chance to win one of these excellent cash prizes.

PEP Ltd is an innovative and exciting scheme based at The Aberdeenshire Council Pitscurry Project in Pitcaple which provides employment and training for adults with learning disabilities and special needs.

The project is a gardening and art initiative based on organic principles, environmental best practice and the production and use of renewable energy.

The first draw willtake place in April. To join the lottery, please contact Diane on 07740 779953 or email her