Greens launch council campaign

The Scottish Greens have launched their manifesto in the run up to the Aberdeenshire council elections promising to maintain local services and investigate renewable revenue streams for the council.

Tuesday, 10th April 2012, 9:53 pm

Co-convenor Patrick Harvie was on hand to aid with the launch, which was also attended by Green candidates getting set to stand for their party on the May 3 elections.

Described as a realistic manifesto in difficult times, it sets out plans for making savings through further efficiency measures, raising additional revenue from renewable energy generation and giving priority to funding essential public services such as schools and social work.

There are proposals for increasing the accountability of councillors through questions at committee meetings and for consultation on budget priorities.

The party will be standing six candidates across the shire, including sitting Cllr Martin Ford.

Commenting, Patrick Harvie said: “I was delighted to visit Aberdeenshire to participate in the launch of the Greens’ manifesto for the council elections in Aberdeenshire. The Green manifesto for Aberdeenshire has a strong emphasis on practical action for local communities and giving priority to key public services.

“Our candidates are fighting strong local campaigns and we are confident there will be Green representation in the north-east following May’s elections.”

East Garioch Green candidate, Cllr Martin Ford said: “Our manifesto makes clear commitments on priorites, for example investment in schools, supporting the local economy, energy efficiency and renewable energy.”

West Garioch Green candidate Richard Openshaw said, “The Green Party has set out costed plans for providing additional funding for Council services from energy savings and renewable energy. Our clear aim is to invest in education and protect essential public services.”