Kintore station progress welcomed

Councillor Ford says good progress is being made in making the station become a reality
Councillor Ford says good progress is being made in making the station become a reality

An East Garioch councillor has welcomed the update at Tuesday’s Nestrans board meeting on progress towards a new station for Kintore.

Cllr Martin Ford, a long-standing campaigner for a station at Kintore, said: “The intention is to have a new Kintore station in place and ready to come into use in spring 2019, when the wider upgrade of the Aberdeen to Inverness rail line is due to be completed.

“As set out in the report to Nestrans, various steps are necessary to allow a new station to be built, including acquisition of the land needed, design work, gaining planning permission and securing the funding for the construction cost.

“Work to deliver all of these requirements is on-going, or planning for them is underway.

“There is no doubt about the strong local desire for a rail halt in Kintore, and every reason to be confident a new station will see good levels of use.

“The Nestrans report confirms that demand forecasting work demonstrates a convincing case for investment.

“Of course, I would have liked to see a station in place long before this, but there is now a clear intention of opening a Kintore rail halt by March 2019.

“And good progress is being made with the preparatory work necessary to enable a station to be built.”

At the Nestrans meeting, ScotRail operator Abellio indicated it would be able to timetable trains to stop at a new Kintore station before 2019 if the station was completed earlier.

Cllr Ford added: “The sooner Kintore has a train service, the better.

“If it is possible to achieve an earlier opening date than previously indicated, I would be delighted.”

The North East of Scotland Transport Partnership meeting was held on April 19.