Lib Dems lash out... at Lib Dems

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DEMOCRATIC Independent councillor Martin Ford has hit out at former colleagues in the Liberal Democrats, after the party produced an election leaflet trashing other local councils - run by Liberal Democrats.

The leaflets, produced on behalf of East Garioch Councillor Nan Cullinane, are being distributed in Aberdeenshire in the run up to May’s local elections and display a list of achievements with the comment:

“And there’s one thing we are really proud we are NOT doing ... no vanity projects like trams or new council headquarters.”

The comments come despite Edinburgh City Council being run by Liberal Democrat-SNP coalition, with the most enthusiastic support for the mired project coming from Liberal Democrat members.

Independent East Garioch councillor Martin Ford said: “Aberdeenshire’s Liberal Democrat councillors clearly don’t think their own record is going to get them re-elected, so, in desperation, they are resorting to lashing out at their colleagues on other councils.

“I don’t suppose Liberal Democrat councillors on Aberdeen and Edinburgh councils will be very happy at being ridiculed in this way.”

Liberal spokesman Cllr Ian Mollison told the Times that individual candidates were responsible for publishing their own election material, though he added that the ‘headquarters’ jibe referred to any move of Aberdeenshire Council’s mooted new HQ rather than that of Aberdeen City, where the joint Lib-Dem/SNP administration pushed forward with multi-million pound moves to refurbish Marischal College.

Cllr Cullinane said: “This is a non-story and just pre-election mischief making by Cllr Ford. The facts are that the Lib-Dem led Administration has an excellent record for developing an impressive range of capital projects that bring real benefit to residents and businesses across Aberdeenshire. At a time when our Capital Budget is under tremendous pressure, we do not think it appropriate to seek to move our headquarters.”