Martin retains SNP seat in Aberdeenshire East

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Scottish National Party (SNP) candidate Gillian Martin has retained the party’s seat in Aberdeenshire East.

The first-time politican received 15,912 votes while Scottish Conservative candidate Colin Clark came second with 10,075 votes.

Ms Martin was chosen to replace former MSP Alex Salmond, who won the SNP seat in 2011 with 19,533 votes - a giant 64.50 per cent share.

Speaking to the Times following her win, Ms Martin said: “I feel tremendously humbled that people put their trust in me, people I live with and people that I have grown up with.

“I will represent my constituency the best I can. No matter how you voted, my doors are open, I’m your MSP.”

Ms Martin plans to get straight to work as she explained: “The first thing I will do is find out what is going on with broadband access, a lot of areas in my constituency haven’t got much connectivity so I will see what plans are in place and roll it out.

“I will also aim to work with partners of the council to build more affordable housing, and aim to recruit GPs and teachers. We will work together to see how we can do that.”

Ms Martin added: “I don’t think you could do this sort of thing without family and mine have been incredible.”