New Chair for Garioch Area Committee

IT was all in the cards on Tuesday (May 29), as the new choice for the new Chair of the Garioch Area Committee came down to cutting of a deck of cards after a tied vote between Councillors Sheena Lonchay and Bryan Stuart.

The first meeting of the Area Committee since the council elections earlier this month saw Hamish Vernal (Inverurie and District), Patricia Oddie (West Garioch) and Daviad Aitchison and Iris Walker (Westhill and District) take their seats for the first time.

With the vote for the new Chair of the Committee tied between Cllrs Lonchay and Stuart, Garioch Area Manager Douglas Milne approached the press to request someone to act as an impartial “croupier” to help decide the winner, and local reporter Alison Leith stepped forward to do her best Debbie McGee impression and shuffle the deck. Cllr Loncahy drew highest and was therefore elected Chair for the new session. Cllrs Martin Ford and Richard Cowling were also tied for Vice Chair and following another cut of the deck Cllr Ford was selected.

Cllrs Allan and Lonchay will serve on the School Placings and Exclusions Appeal Committee; Cllrs Vernal, Cullinane and Cowling on the Gordon Fishings Management Committee; Cllr Cullinane on the Formartine and Buchan Way Working Group; Cllr Lonchay on the Garioch Area Community Planning Group and Cllr Cowling on the Local Review Body.