Newmachar 325 bus campaign secures local political support

NEWMACHAR residents have secured backing from local politicians in their efforts to re-instate a withdrawn bus service.

The 325 has been re-routed so that it no longer takes in Asda at Dyce, which Newmachar residents say causes inconvenience for residents of the town travelling for their shopping and health services.

East Garioch councillor Martin Ford and North-East MSP Mark McDonald have both joined residents asking for the service to be re-instated.

Speaking to the Times, Cllr Ford said that he had written to Stagecoach Bluebird asking the company to reconsider its decision.

He said: “The bus stop at Asda is very close to Dyce Health Centre in Altonrae Gardens, so many Newmachar residents used the buses via Asda to visit their doctor and dentist.

“As well as individual letters of complaint to Stagecoach Bluebird, a petition has been signed by nearly 240 people unhappy at the route change.

“Stagecoach Bluebird have now said they will review the requests received for buses via Dyce Asda and look at use patterns.

“The buses via Asda provided an important service for Newmachar residents needing to access health and other facilities.”

Cllr Ford has also written to Bains Coaches who operate a limited service between Oldmeldrum, Newmachar and Aberdeen to see if they will route some of their buses via Dyce Asda.

North East SNP MSP Mark McDonald told the Times that he has also written to managing director Andrew Jarvis, echoing concerns from those who feel the re-routing makes accessing healthcare difficult.

He said: “Concerns have been raised by constituents that this has taken away the only direct public transport link between Newmachar and Dyce Health Centre.

“Residents have noted that this is of great inconvenience especially to the elderly and those without access to a car. Given that Newmachar does not have its own medical centre, this essentially cuts off bus users from getting access to local healthcare.

“I urge Stagecoach to review this decision in order that a transport link is in place for those needing access to local healthcare.”