Parliament set to debate concerns with pylon scheme

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North East MSP Mike Rumbles has successfully gathered cross party support for a parliamentary debate on the proposed national grid transmission line from Blackhillock to Kintore.

The motion, lodged by the North East MSP for Members Business on Tuesday, February 7, will see the parliament assess the impact of the scheme on the iconic Bennachie landscape and nearby communities.

Mike Rumbles MSP

Mike Rumbles MSP

If successful, Parliament will also call on Southern Electricity Networks, who are responsible for the planning and development of the project, to change their existing plans to mitigate the damage and protect the natural environment in the area.

Mr Rumbles said: “I have told SSEN from the beginning that their plans to tear through unspoilt parts of Aberdeenshire would not wash. They have chosen this route because it is the cheapest option available to them.

“I was at a public meeting only this week at which hundreds of local residents showed up to protest against the plans to take the transmission line around Bennachie. Quite rightly, many of them felt that the developers had ignored their views and where planning to plough on with the project regardless. That is not good enough.

“I’d like to thank my colleagues from the North East and in Parliament who have given their support for my motion. Now I want to see the Scottish Government force a serious rethink about how this scheme will be delivered and most importantly of our open countryside in West Aberdeenshire protected.”