Prosperity in local communities

Local MSP Dennis Robertson has welcomed the Scottish Government move to create fairer, more equal and more prosperous local communities.

Monday, 10th September 2012, 3:12 pm

A total 15 Bills were unveiled, led by the flagship Referendum Bill, including legislation to provide a minimum of 600 hours free early learning and childcare.

Mr Robertson also hailed the Scottish Government’s moves to improve the support available for victims and witnesses and modernise the criminal justice system. He said: “We are taking steps to create fairer, more equal and more prosperous communities.

“In the autumn of 2014, the people of Scotland will take the most important decision in 300 years and the Referendum Bill will lay the important groundwork for this.

“We need full control and the normal responsibilities of any independent nation to fully realise Scotland’s potential. But with the powers we do have, we are investing in our children and young people.

“That is why the Children and Young People’s Bill is so welcome, along with the £18 million Early Years Change Fund that will support families.

“We are also investing in our economy, using the powers we currently have to support jobs, growth and opportunities for all.

“The package of 15 Bills will see support for victims and witnesses improved and the criminal justice system modernised.

“The SNP has set out a clear vision for Scotland’s future focused on supporting fairness and economic development.”