Ruth Davidson hits election campaign trail in Gordon

Ruth Davidson lands in the North East
Ruth Davidson lands in the North East

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson visited Gordon today as part of a whistle-stop helicopter tour of key battleground seats.

Ms Davidson joined Scottish Conservative candidate Colin Clark for a visit to Kintore company E-Blast, which provides surface preparation and specialist protective coatings for the oil and gas market.

With just days to go until voters go to the polls, the Scottish Conservative leader said voters in the north-east could send a “clear message” to Nicola Sturgeon that they don’t want a return to the division of another independence referendum.

Ms Davidson said: “Things are changing up here in the north-east. “People increasingly want to see the SNP get on with the job in hand – improving public services like education and health – and not obsessing about independence.

“An overwhelming majority in Aberdeenshire voted against separation in 2014. People don’t want to go back to the division of another referendum.

“But Nicola Sturgeon is in the papers today saying that Scotland will be independent by 2025. The SNP need to take the threat off the table and we want to make sure they do that.”

Colin Clark added: “Unionist voters in Gordon have the opportunity to send a clear message to the SNP on June 8 that we don’t want another referendum.

“Last month’s council election results prove that the Liberal Democrats cannot win here.

“Companies like E-Blast want stability and certainty. Instead, they have the constant threat of a second referendum looming over their heads.

“Under the SNP, economic growth is lagging behind the rest of the UK. Businesses in the north-east need strong voices at Westminster to speak up for this area – not agitate for separation at every opportunity.”