Popular Chapel Cheetahs still going strong

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Chapel of Garioch Primary School’s popular running club, the Chapel Cheetah’s is still going after 13 years thanks to the parents that run it. It was started in 1998 by Gail Prentice, mother of pentathlete Freyja, who said: “I started it mainly because, ever since Freyja was quite small, she said she wanted to race. Then she saw a poster for the Back of Bennechie Hill Race, but it was a relay, so we bullied Freyja’s brother and his friend to be in the race as well. In the end nine children took part, and it all started from there.”

“The Chapel Cheetah’s has always been one of the most successful clubs around because the vast majority of the kids in the school belong to it. I stopped being involved in running the club when Freyja left the school, but other parents have been running it since.”

The school has just upward of 40 pupils, and about three-quarters belong to the running club. Continuing, Gail said: “Many of the parents have gone on to running both socially and competitively.”

The club adopted the name ‘Chapel Cheetah’s because the children themselves decided that cheetahs run fast.

Ex-pupil, Freyja was keen to see how the Chapel Cheetahs were getting on and inspired the pupils with her visit earlier this week when she showed a short video, ran a couple of circuits of the playing field and played games with the children.