President role for local woman

Angela McGregor speaking at the 2017 World Angus Forum
Angela McGregor speaking at the 2017 World Angus Forum

A woman from Whiterashes has stepped in to the role of President at the Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society.

Angela McGregor replaces outgoing President Alex Sanger of Rosemount Farms in Montrose.

Having held the position of Senior Vice President, Ms McGregor makes the natural progression to her current position which she will hold for a 12-month tenure.

Commenting, Angela said: “I feel very privileged to become president, following some great breeders whom I have grown up admiring incredibly.

“As a President we are in an honoured position, but it’s those around you that make being on Council worthwhile.

“It’s the work that happens every day in the office and on the farm, plus at the sales and shows that helps develop the business and breed.

“You meet many interesting people, learn a huge amount about what is going on in the industry and the world of science, and can see that the future is very exciting.”

Angela comes from a family with a rich background in Aberdeen-Angus cattle breeding and currently oversees the operation at the Newcairnie herd.

Her Grandfather previously owned the Murdochcairnie Aberdeen-Angus herd, and her uncle farms the Ardcairnie herd of Angus in Western Australia.

Angela’s father, also a past president, saw the true attributes of the pure Aberdeen-Angus as a commercial animal and expanded his Newcairnie Herd to exploit these characteristics.

Angela added: “’As a Society and Council we will aim to continue to improve communication to members and aid the membership by providing support at shows, open days and publicising the breed.

“We want to continue to develop our good relationships with processors and retailers, and we’re keen to explore opportunities to get closer to the consumer through providing support to small independent retailers that do such a good job selling our beef to the end customer.

“I’m keen to ensure that people see the true attributes of the Aberdeen-Angus.

“There is more to the breed than a premium, the Aberdeen-Angus cow is a true commercial animal.”