Probus members learn about Alzheimer’s

President Derek Murray chaired the first meeting of the new session and welcomed members.

Albert Hendry introduced guest speaker, Susanna Paterson, Dementia Advisor for Alzhiemer Scotland, Aberdeenshire which is the leading specialist dementia charity, working to improve the lives of everyone affected. There are around 4,000 dementia sufferers in Aberdeenshire, Alzheimer’s being the most common type.

Susanna explained some of the causes of Alzheimer’s, and went on to describe some of the most common symptoms including forgetfulness, difficulty with words and names, poor concentration, lack of confidence, ect. She also sought to ally some of the ‘myths’ which have gown up around the condition.

Throughout her presentation, Susanna stressed the importance of proper care and support, not only to sufferers, but to families and carers, pointing out that 60 per cent of sufferers still live within the community. She described some of the local services, social groups and various activities which give help and support.

An informative and inspiring presentation was well received by members, on whose behalf Bert Hosie gave a vote of thanks.