Recycle your unused bicycles

Ellon Rotary Club members with some bikes that had been donated previously
Ellon Rotary Club members with some bikes that had been donated previously

Ellon Rotary is looking for donations of unused bikes that will be refurbished and shipped to Africa.

In partnership with JoleRider and Bikes for Africa, Ellon Rotary will collect the bikes (for age 10+ to adult) that will be used to get children to school in Gambia.

Long distances and a lack of reliable transport are huge barriers to children’s education in many African nations.

Lots of children arrive at school late and exhausted because they have had to walk for several hours.

The negative impact on the chidren’s lives is very evident and is hard to change since governments have no money for more schools or extra transport.

Refurbished, used bikes solve the problem; they are low cost, low-tech, and almost everyone in the UK has a spare one lying around in a garage or shed.

Once collected by Rotary Clubs the bikes are transported to Bath, refurbished by prison inmates as part of their rehabilitation into the community and then shipped abroad for controlled distribution through the schools.

Ellon Rotary members will host collections at Tesco Ellon on Saturday, January 7 and January 14 from 10am to 4pm.

If you have a bike but cannot attend the collection simply contact Martin Forster on 07813 805707.

Each person donating a bicycle is encouraged to provide £10 to cover shipping costs.

Martin said: “We did this project five years agoand nearly 400 bikes were donated.

“The Gambian Government has said that the number of students at rural schools who gained 5 or more credits (entry requirement for university) has more than doubled as a direct result of the provision of bicycles.”