Report from the Ellon Probus Club’s July meeting

The Ellon Probus Club held their most recent meeting on Thursday, July 23, and President Norman Davidson announced the sad news of the death of Captain David Buchan of Auchmacoy.

David was an Honorary Life member of the club and he will be missed by all.

Norman also expressed his appreciation for the work done by the volunteers of the Methlick Heritage Centre which the club recently visited.

The guest speaker for the latest meeting was marine scientist from Marine Scotland, John Dunn.

John’s talk was on the power of the sea and the alternatives to using oil which is a topic of increasing importance to man’s way of life as Earth’s hydrocarbon “stores” are steadily harvested and mankind continues to pollute his environment with carbon gases, plastics and other residues.

John described the various methodologies that exist whereby energy can be derived from natural products with little or no waste pollutants.

These methodologies included cultivation of plankton to produce diesel and food for poultry and cattle.

Human and other animal waste can likewise be used to produce electricity, diesel and gases which can be used to power vehicles, as demonstrated during World Wars l and ll.

The opportunities are boundless.

The stumbling blocks to further development of these and other innovative methodologies is primarily shortages in funding, commercial competitiveness and governmental control regulations. A vote of thanks for a thought provoking talk was moved by Jim Gauld

The Probus Club will meet again today (Thursday) and Pat Machray will talk on Life and Business.