Road safety by magic

Pupils in Aberdeenshire are to learn practical road safety skills through the medium of magic.

The Road Safety Magic Show, which will be returning to primary schools across the region, is part of a three-year rolling programme which means all Primary 1-3 pupils – approximately 8,300 in total – have the chance to see the show.

The Road Safety as if by Magic show, by Scottish Champions of Stage Magic, Alan Innes and Allan Petrie of AllansMagic, focuses on getting the key message of “Stop, Look, Listen and Think” over to younger children.

The programme also addresses topics such as using road crossings, holding hands to cross the road and walking and cycling safely. Children will also have a chance to see special guest “Robbie the Dog” who sings about the Green Cross Code.

The show, organised by Aberdeenshire Council’s Transport Strategy Unit, in partnership with Grampian Police’s Road Safety Unit, is specially tailored to a young audience, and has proven popular with pupils, teachers and parents in previous years.

Chair of the council’s Infrastructure Services Committee, Cllr Peter Argyle, said: “It is vital that children learn about road safety from an early age and great if we can teach them in such an exciting and innovative way.

“This is a fantastic way to deliver key safety message of Stop, Look, Listen and Think to thousands of children in Aberdeenshire.”

Committee vice-chair, Cllr Alan Buchan, said: “This is a roadshow which has been extremely popular in previous years and I am very pleased to see that it is returning to Aberdeenshire to be seen by even more pupils.”

Magician Alan Innes said: “I’m glad to be back working with schools in Aberdeenshire, where the show began.

“We now run this show up and down the country. It is very clear that children respond so well to learning by having fun.”

The show forms part of a wider strategy to improve road safety across Aberdeenshire.