Rory enters world at speed

Home delivery: Baby Rory pictured with proud parents, Mum Abby and Dad Dave. Picture: Susann Brown
Home delivery: Baby Rory pictured with proud parents, Mum Abby and Dad Dave. Picture: Susann Brown

A SERIES of events led to the dramatic birth of a baby boy in Kintore recently when his father was the first to welcome him into the world.

Abby and Dave Miller were expecting the imminent birth of their third child. Abby said she had experienced a good pregnancy, similar to the previous two and explained that she had a history of “being well overdue”.

With daughters, five-year-old Freya and two-year-old Isla being 14 and 16 days overdue respectively, Abby was expecting her pregnancy and her labour to go on “for a bit longer”.

Abby explained: “With Isla I had about four nights of labour pains before she was born, but this time, my contractions started at about midnight. They were mild, nothing alarming at all and I thought I’d just go back to bed. Then the contractions started to be quite close together and became worse when I was lying down.”

Dave continued: “Abby didn’t want to waken me. She rang the Midwife Unit at the hospital at about 2.30am and they advised us to come in.”

“At 3am Abby woke me and told me it was time to phone my mum who was coming to look after the girls. Two minutes later I was on the phone to my mum and at 3.04am I tried to phone the Midwife Unit, but the number was engaged. At this point Abby’s waters broke and a minute later I dialled 999.

“It took a few minutes to give the ambulance crew all the details and at about 3.11am an ambulance was dispatched. I was passed on to a Scottish Ambulance call handler whose name was Lesley and she talked me though what to expect and gave me blow-by-blow instructions.”

Dave felt confident at this stage that everything would be all right because the ambulance was on its way. However, it didn’t turn out that way. Continuing, Dave said: “At this point we didn’t have ten minutes to deliver the baby and Lesley told me to “get ready to catch”. I wouldn’t believe that only 15 minutes before I had still been fast asleep.”

At 3.18am baby Rory was born. Dave described the scene as the ambulance arrived at 3.25am: “Rory was out and crying and we were cleaning him off when the crew arrived.

“The paramedics took over and I cut the cord. Then the girls woke up and appeared at the top of the stairs. They were excited to see the ambulance, probably more so than seeing their wee brother at that point.”

At 3.40am Dave’s Mum arrived and seeing the ambulance, feared the worst. Dave said: “She nearly had a heart attack because she thought something had gone wrong..”

At 4am Abby, Rory and Dave were dispatched to hospital to be checked over and Rory was kept in overnight with Abby because he was an unattended delivery and, as all was well, were allowed home again on Sunday afternoon.

Mum Abby, who is a teacher is at St Margaret’s School, said: “It was lovely to get it over and done with quickly and we’re all very glad that it was so straight forward. It could have been very different. I’m also glad it was our third delivery, otherwise we would have been terrified.

“Dave had the call handler, Lesley, on loudspeaker. She was calm and matter-of-fact and she helped us enormously.

“I remember her saying “Dad, make sure you get hold of the baby - he’s going to be slippery”. That made him chuckle.”

Abby and Dave didn’t know the sex of their baby before the birth and having a baby boy is a happy and welcome addition to the family. Abby said: “The fact that Rory is a boy was the icing on the cake for Dave.”

Rory weighed in at just over 8lb on the night of Saturday, October 6. With the drama of the birth behind them, the couple announced the new arrival on Facebook and suitably wetted the baby’s head with a gathering of family and friends.