Rotarians learn about Pitscurrie

At their meeting on Thursday (September 29), Kintore Rotarians welcomed Anne Bissett from the Pitscurrie Project at Pitcaple.

Anne gave a very interesting talk about the project which is to build a log cabin Interpretative Centre in a tranquil rural setting that will showcase best practice in renewable energy technology. The facility will be a demonstrator project and be open to the public as a tourist attraction while at the same time providing further training and employment opportunities for people with disabilities. The longer term goal is to increase the number of trainees and volunteers progressing through the Centre and will ultimately help those trainees who are willing and able to progress to paid employment.

Aberdeenshire LEADER is providing 42 per cent of the funding and the project has also been adopted by Balfour Beattie’s fundraisers as their preferred charity for this year.

Anne spoke enthusiastically about some of the work and fundraising ideas being implemented in addition to wood carving, such as making and selling paper blocks and kindling, both of which are sold as fuel,

The Centre is fitted with apparatus which accurately records temperatures and was in fact quoted in the media as being the location where the lowest temperature, -23.5 degrees, was recorded last winter.

In thanking Anne on behalf of the Club, Rotarian Doug Garden also wished the project managers every success for the future.