Round the North-east rurals

Vice-president Margot Airth welcomed members and friends to Auchedly and Ythanbank SWRI’s January meeting, which was a Burns Night.

Anne Farquhar said grace before a meal of haggis, neeps and tatties, followed by trifle and clootie dumpling. Entertainment was provided by Lyn Paterson, Charlie Burgess and Ron Mackie, from Ellon.

Competition results: Knitted Baby Shawl - 1 Lil Emslie; 2 Ann Farquhar; 3 Doreen Gray. Four Ruffles - 1 Margot Airth; 2 Lil Emslie. A Flower from the Garden - 1 Dot Duncan; 2 Doreen Gray; 3 Ann Farquhar.

Margot Airth proposed a vote of thanks to all who helped to make the evening a success.

At Premnay SWRI’s January meeting, Pat Duncan presided and after business members enjoyed a night of darts and dominoes along with Doritos, dips, drinks and fine pieces.

Competition results: A Savoury Dip: 1 Morna Munro; 2 Margaret Mack; 3 Ann Peter. Salt and Pepper Set: 1 Dale Youngs; 2 Morna Munro; 3: Ann Peter. Sausage Rolls: Sue Knowles. Flower of the Month: Pat Duncan

Cultercullen SWRI held their January meeting with president Barbara Reid introducing Norman Smith to talk on the spice trail of Kerala.

He gave a very interesting talk and slide show on his holiday travelling through the Kerela area.

After tea provided by Helen Thain, business was discussed.

Competitions results: Tattie soup: 1 Moreen Alexander; 2 Helen Thain; 3 Eileen Andrew. Photograph (Autumn Colours): 1 Eileen Andrew; 2 Moreen Alexander. Flower of the Month: 1 Moreen Alexander.