Set back for Thainstone expansion plans

A CGI image of the Thainstone Business Park extension
A CGI image of the Thainstone Business Park extension

A £5 million expansion of Thainstone Business Park has been delayed after councillors at the Garioch Area Committee decided to defer the plans.

Following discussions at last Tuesday’s meeting, councillors decided to defer the proposals voicing concerns about access, drainage and infrastructure.

Councillor Martin Ford suggested the plans be deferred to give Aberdeenshire Council planning officers the chance to hold further discussions with ANM Group about the issues raised by his fellow committee members.

Cllr Ford’s motion was backed by the other councillors.

Following the meeting Grant Rogerson, ANM Group chief executive, said: “We are extremely disappointed with the decision taken by the Garioch Area Committee.

“Having obtained Planning Permission in Principle for the Thainstone Business Park back in January and obtained Aberdeenshire Council officer support for the MSC application that was before committee, it is extremely frustrating that councillors have chosen to defer a decision to discuss matters that have already been agreed.”

“Thainstone is the agricultural hub for the north east of Scotland and has importantly contributed in excess of £4 billion back into the local economy since opening in 1990.

“The decision to delay the proposals will not only be felt by local firms who would deliver the initial £5 million infrastructure for the business park but also the local and north east economy in terms of the wider investment and approximately 500 jobs that would be created across the business park.”