Short break carers required

BARNADO’S Scotland is launching a campaign during Share the Care Week, March 18 -22, 2013, to encourage more people to think “I Could Do That!” and become a short break carer to support a disabled child and their family.

Siobhan Carroll, service manager at Barnardo’s Fostering North, said: “There is a real need for more short break carers in Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire to help disabled children take part in activities in their community and provide the parents a break from caring for their families.

“Short breaks give disabled children and young people opportunities which non disabled children and their families may take for granted; a sleepover with a friend, a trip to the cinema, the chance to spend time with another family and have new and different experiences, whilst giving their main carers a much needed break.

“Carers too benefit from the service they offer, one carer said “words can’t describe what you get from helping a child with a disability, it’s the simplest of things that make you know your making a huge difference in that child’s life.”

A survey carried out on behalf of Short Breaks Network in 2012 showed only 3 in 10 people have heard about the opportunity to become short break carers but that once people know about the opportunity 1 in 5 consider becoming a carer.

More short break carers are urgently needed to look after disabled children on a regular basis.  This can be anything from a few hours a week to an overnight stay once a month.  Training is given and an allowance is paid for expenses.

Barnardo’s Fostering North will be holding an information night on Tuesday, March 26, at the Hopeville Social Club, Inverurie, from 5.30 – 8pm. If you want to find out more information before then visit Or contact Siobhan Carroll at Barnardo’s Fostering North on (01224 ) 624090.