SNP the real opposition to Tories

I am honoured to have been elected to serve Gordon as its Member of Parliament.

The people of Gordon have placed their trust in me to provide a strong voice at Westminster, to speak up for progressive politics and to work to bring austerity to an end. 

I pledge to repay that trust by working hard to protect the interests of people living in Gordon every step of the way and to work together with our group of 56 SNP MPs to ensure that Scotland’s voice is heard loudly and clearly.

I will seek to represent every voice within Gordon, no matter how you voted last Thursday. I will ensure that I live up to the expectations of every person who voted for me, and I will work hard to win the trust of those who did not.

This election was our opportunity to join together and speak in unison for the benefit of Scotland, to ensure that Scotland’s voice could not be ignored. 

My promise is to rise to that challenge, providing strong representation for all people in Gordon, ensuring that their interests, and those of Scotland, will be heard. 

For the sake of people in Scotland and across the UK, it is vital that there is a strong and effective opposition to the Tory Government at Westminster - and that is a responsibility the SNP are ready and willing to discharge.

We will work in partnership with the Scottish Government and Members of the Scottish Parliament, and are prepared to reach out across party lines at Westminster.

Indeed, I believe that the SNP will form the real opposition to the Tories. Labour are leaderless at Westminster and mired in a leadership crisis in Scotland, but the issue is deeper than that.

Labour have failed to develop a strong alternative to the Tory agenda in a range of areas - including austerity, the economy, the welfare state and Europe - the issues that look set to be at the forefront of business in the new House of Commons.

The SNP, by contrast, have a powerful manifesto mandate to oppose austerity, propose investment in job-creation, speak out against cuts in benefits for disabled people, and insist that the UK cannot leave the European Union unless all four of its constituent parts agree.

We will work closely with Ministers and MSPs in Holyrood on all of these and other issues - such as achieving the powers Scotland was promised in the referendum, and preventing the repeal of the Human Rights Act.

Effective SNP opposition to the Tories will certainly be good for Scotland - but leading this progressive alternative will also be to the benefit of people throughout the UK.

I was delighted to accept the appointment from Angus Robertson as the SNP’s Foreign Affairs spokesperson at Westminster last week.

Foreign affairs, and especially Europe, will be among the dominating issues in this parliament. The SNP will provide a strong, consistent voice which is pro-European, pro-developing world and against military adventurism.

The SNP will also make it a priority to promote Scotland in the international arena.

Last week, I held my first constituency surgery as MSP for Aberdeenshire East and MP for Gordon in Newmachar.

I have represented the people of the North East of Scotland all my political life and there is no greater privilege.

Thank you all for your support and I look forward to working with you as your Member of Parliament.